Check blood viscosity (thinness / thickness)

Check blood viscosity (thinness / thickness)



Derived Values

HSS 208/sec

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  1. Need: Guidelines for antiplatelet (blood thinner) medication recommends that “before starting antiplatelet agents, the patient should undergo an assessment for bleeding risk”. Up to 97.5% of individuals living with chronic disease could benefit from prophylactic antiplatelet management. However, monitoring is required and eWBV is the specific test.
  2. Interpretation: Antiplatelet management would reduce eWBV level. Preliminary low eWBV level indicates risk of bleed and no need of blood thinner (antiplatelet) medication, while higher levels indicate risk of thrombosis hence requirement for medication.
  3. Reference range for eWBV: 15.01 – 19.01; critical levels: ≤14.28 and ≥19.40 (Unit: 208 Sec-1! @ high shear stress!!)